Stimulus will not be very stimulating for most taxpayers.

You may have noticed that our elected officials are working on what they are calling a stimulus bill. It is alleged that more than one third of this bill will provide tax relief to middle class America. In 2006 the census bureau put middle class as a family of four earning up to $70,400. If your income puts you above the middle class, congratulations, you will be paying for that tax relief.

Now is the time to work with your tax adviser to structure your business and personal income affairs in such a way, within the limits of the law, so as to minimize the amount of your wealth that gets redistributed. Remember the government is just a conduit to take money from one class of people to give to another.

My clients rely on me to monitor the tax code changes and provide guidance on actions that can be taken to maximize deductions and minimize the onerous burden that taxes present. If your income is above the “middle class” amount you should not waste any time.

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