Tax Specialist – You will not find one at the mall

The advertisements start earlier every year, and are ever more creative. The bottom line however remains the same. If you are using one of the large tax preparation factories at the mall or inside the big blue store, there is a good chance that your “tax specialist” will be going back to a job at the food court after April 15th.

If you:
– own a rental property
– invest in the stock market
– are a first time homebuyer
– operate a business out of your home
– or have income other than from your regular job

you are well advised to seek the assistance of a true specialist, someone who as obtained and maintains a CPA license.

There are dozens, sometime hundreds, of changes to the tax code every year. You want to work with someone who keeps abreast of those changes.

By being procative a CPA can advise you of what actions or strategies you should employ to maximize the advantages of the tax code changes sooner rather than later.